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Cupcake Crackdown
As if I need any more reminders of how much things have changed since the carefree days of my own childhood, I just got a doozy of a downer -- Grace's school forbids homemade cupcakes. I learned a week before her sixth birthday that any treats brought in for the class must be store-bought. While I concede that the health department codes and liability concerns that inspired the policy may be valid, I'm still disappointed. Read more.

Cookie-Cutter Cupcakes
Every night when I open the freezer, I glance at a bag of leftover plain cupcakes and tell myself I've got to make use of those before they are covered with perma-frost. To my kids, cupcakes are a treat no matter what's on top of them. But to me, their bare little tops scream out, "Decorate me!" And that takes supply-gathering and time, both of which I'm short on these days. And so they sit and shiver. Read more.

Avoiding Lunchtime Letdown
My mommy tipping point -- or the chore that is most likely to make me want to roll over and play dead -- is packing lunches. For some reason, in our house the lunch-packing job is a lightning rod for dissatisfaction and complaints. So I find that I'm always asking for forgiveness from lunchtime letdown by packing extra little "flourishes" (a.k.a. desserts). But nothing is worse than trying really hard and falling flat on your face, like the time I sealed up two cupcakes in baggies for Julia and Henry and placed them lovingly in their lunch boxes. At pick-up that day, I eagerly asked them how they liked their cupcakes. "They were totally squished, Mommy," Julia informed me. Read more.

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Creative Cupcake Solutions

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