November 27, 2007

Christmas Craft Party

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Last year, the first weekend of December arrived with a packed calendar: Ellie's performances in the Nutcracker ballet. Family coming to see the show. Our church holiday fair. The holiday craft fair at Caitlin and Ellie's school. Something had to give, and for the second year in a row, it was going to be the school craft fair.

This news was met glumly, but the holiday spirit was quickly revived when I suggested a mini-holiday craft party of our own. The girls got right down to making invitations, inviting two friends each. Then we found two Christmas-y crafts that looked fun to make en masse.

Two Saturdays later, we were ready with Christmas cookies, hot chocolate fixings, and a table for six, covered with craft supplies.

First up, trimming the trees. Ours were paper, and the girls made a virtual forest of them, by modifying the directions for a festive forest garland into individual tannenbaums. Their favorite part was choosing from a variety of green scrapbooking papers that I'd found at the craft store. Some of the trees were ornately decked with buttons and glitter and gems; others had a more natural look.

After a break for hot chocolate and sugar cookies in seasonal star, tree, and reindeer shapes, it was time for something frosty. Soon the table was covered with an army of dangling snowmen. An assortment of gingham and plaid ribbon and buttons made each a bit different than the next. Then one of the girls realized a missing element — hats. This set off another wave of creativity that left not a bare head in the bunch.

Before the glue was dry, Caitlin and Ellie were ready to make this an annual tradition. As we approach the busyness of December again, I'm glad I had the foresight to add the Christmas craft party to our holiday calendar before it got too overcrowded. In fact, I'd better add it now to next year's Christmas calendar.

What's the one thing you absolutely must fit into your Christmas calendar? Click the comments link below to share ideas.

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Christmas Craft Party

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