Bring High School Musical Home

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High School Musical Party
When it came time to plan Ally's birthday party, she knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate. She had been singing and dancing nonstop since the premiere of High School Musical 2 and chose to use the movie as the theme for her party. But how could I, someone who has never danced before, pull off a musical? Read more.

Homemade High School Musical
"Hey, Matteo! Want to climb the walls?" my son Henry asked one day as his friend arrived for a playdate. His mother looked a bit stricken. We were right smack in the middle of a seasonal disorder called the "rainy weather meltdown." You might have experienced some of the symptoms before -- Confusion. Irritability. A strong desire to pack your bags and run. Read more.

Family Dance Contest
During the cold winter months, it's hard for my family to find the motivation to do anything energetic. We seem to prefer watching movies and munching popcorn instead of doing something that requires getting off the couch. But after yet another lazy weekend, I knew we needed to get moving again. Our rules were simple. Each person would choose a song and do their own choreography. After performing for a few minutes solo, everyone else would have to join in and try to match the moves. Read more.

Giving the Gift of Music
Hardly a day goes by when my husband and I aren't driving one of the kids to a music lesson or concert. One December, at switch-off time, I rushed in to hear not the tinkling of piano keys, but rustling paper, and Sabrina saying, "Mom, wait! Don't come in." Early December and rustling paper could only mean one thing -- Sabrina's teacher, Ms. Margo, had helped her make some sort of Christmas present for me. Read more.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year reunites Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Corbin Bleu, and Ashley Tisdale for more great times at East High. Opens October 24.

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Bring High School Musical Home

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