A No-Nonsense, No-Nuts Snack Solution

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As anyone with a 4-year-old knows, it takes somewhere between five minutes to a week for said small child to dress or undress.

That means I have plenty of time to check the school bulletin board while Talie hangs her coat, stows her lunch box, and changes from boots to slippers. (I can imagine you're thinking I should be helping more, but independence is a big part of the drill at this preschool, and I'm all for that.)

The new snack calendar has been posted, and I see that it's our turn next week. In the grand scheme of things, this should be strictly "NBD" — no big deal.

But there are a few stipulations. Healthy is in (thankfully). Nuts are out. Ix-nay on anything baked by someone other than you.

Last year, Talie's class had plenty of moms who were wonderful bakers, so there was always homemade banana bread or carrot muffins for their mid-morning nosh session.

I'm often a bit too time-pressed for that, and I further complicate things for myself by refusing to bring my fallback — grapes and whole wheat crackers — every six weeks.

Later that afternoon, my neighbor and I were discussing this on the street corner. Betsy told me about her latest snack idea — a mix of dried cranberries, wheat Chex, and mini-pretzels — which I immediately ran with as the ideal no-nuts, no-bake solution.

I love it because it's easy. When I'm in a rush, I can toss it all in a big Ziploc and shake.

If I have time, I put the three ingredients in separate bowls and have Talie help make up a little baggie full for each child in the class.

The other big plus: it's easy to change up the ingredients. To keep it fresh, we've tried combinations with banana chips, raisins, Puffins cereal, various Chex varieties, Cheerios, chocolate chips, mini crackers.

Thanks to Betsy, next time Talie's name pops up on the snack chart, it really is "NBD."

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A No-Nonsense, No-Nuts Snack Solution

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