4 Not-So-Scary Halloween Ideas

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Boo-tiful D├ęcor
I'm in the middle of a big-box store where I've let Grace, 6, walk around the corner to look at the Halloween costumes. A display of mini-pumpkins erupts seconds later when she comes tearing back around the corner like a bat out of you-know-where. "Mama, I'm scared," she sobs shakily. Read more.

Fighting the Halloween Fear Factor
"No, Mama. Too carry." (Translation: "Too scary.") I'll never forget Grace's little 2-year-old response as I prepped her for trick-or-treating. She'd been Halloween-crazy until our neighbors began to show their serious spirit by pulling the skeletons from their closets and ghoulishly haunting the paths to their front doors. Read more.

Peter Pan & Tinker Bell
Our neighborhood took Halloween seriously -- some houses a little too much so for Grace's comfort level -- and her excitement over the free-flowing candy was tempered by a growing fear of the scary décor. Our nightly talks about things that were real and not real and how silly some of the decorations could be did little to quell her anxiety. With our dog, Buster, dressed as Tinker Bell to Grace's Peter Pan, we set out to the first of the scary houses in the neighborhood. Grace hesitated for only a moment, looked back at me and said, "Buster makes me feel brave." Read more.

Friendly Frankenstein
Trevor was so excited to pick out his Halloween costume that year. He couldn't decide between a skeleton, monster, or vampire. He just knew he wanted to scare people. But when we got to the costume aisle, Trevor sadly realized he too was afraid of the masks and scary noises and couldn't muster the courage to try anything on. In fact, he asked to leave the store rather than face the fake carnage in Aisle 5. To appease his desire to be a monster, we decided to keep it simple and make our own costume -- sans mask -- so that Trevor could look in the mirror without running off screaming. Read more.

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4 Not-So-Scary Halloween Ideas

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