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Duncan Drods

Contest Photo by: rduncangirls
silverdale, WA
Category: Creative Creatures

Brief Description:

Star Wars inspired androids. Courtney (age 11) has always been fascinated with C3P0 and loves the newer episodes which feature him operating without his protective coverings. She came up with this idea of creating a feeling of being the action as she as C3P0 is attacked and captured by a clone trooper.
Karen (age 7) loves how R2D2 always seems to lighten the mode by adding some cute sounds and cruising in and out the scene.


C3P0 is a box custom cut to hang at an angle. The Clone trooper is a full sized helmet we had laying around the toy room, wit a foam upper body wearing painters coveralls. The gold "armor" is vent ducting cut to shape and spray painted. The wires and tubes are from old electronics.
R2D2 is an upside down white plastic trash bin with holes for her head and arm holes under the foam legs. The head is a silver painted hard hat with blue tape and lights.

Time to Create:

C3P0 25-30 hrs R2D2 10-15 hrs
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