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Get Organized -- With Kids!

kids eating

Encouraging Kids to Help Themselves

When plates, cups, bowls, and snacks are kept at arm's reach, your kids will love learning to serve themselves -- and to help put things away. Check out our tips for the perfect self-service setup.
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Get a Handle on

If you've got multiple kids, and multiple sizes, chances are you've got your hands full with hand-me-downs. Discover great ways to easily manage changing wardrobes.
sports gear

Get a Grip on Your Family's Sports Gear

Does your home resemble a locker room at times? Find great ways to get a handle on bats, balls, cleats, helmets, and all your little athletes' sports equipment.
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recycling plan

Go Green! An At-Home Recycling Plan

Set a great example for your kids and feel good about what you're doing for the environment with your own, at-home recycling program. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to do good.
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cleaning boy

Beyond Colored Bins

When your kids have toys and games galore, you need the ultimate organization scheme. We've got that, and lots of other ideas. You may not recognize your child's new, organized room!
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