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Blessed everyday with our love, every day - magical
Happily Ever After Photo by: sapoNmunky
Pasadena, CA
In many past lives, or 2 years in the present life
United We Stand
Happily Ever After Photo by: CarlosNCynthia
Chula Vista, CA
8 yrs dating and will be 10 yrs married =18 yrs
Diamond in the Rough
Happily Ever After Photo by: lgillette89
Altamonte Springs, FL
We have been together for 4 wonderful years.
My One and Only
Happily Ever After Photo by: lucy1474
Seaside, CA
37 yrs together and married for 35 yrs
Part of Your Disney World
Happily Ever After Photo by: sarahsica
Fairfield, IA
A year and a half.
The Sparkle of Dust Motes
Happily Ever After Photo by: SherylcsJohnson
Lehi, UT
Weve been together for 14 wonderful years.
A Wedding to Remember
Happily Ever After Photo by: IsabelNix
Milwaukeee, WI
We've been married since March 27th, 2004.
Chellie & the Beastie
Happily Ever After Photo by: bottoni24
Oxnard, CA
6 happy years of "adventure in the great wide"...
Third Time's the Prince Charming
Happily Ever After Photo by: DopeytinkLovesGrumpy
Ridgecrest, CA
May 5th (4 days ago) was our 5th anniversary.
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  • Photos should contain two (2) people – no groups or pictures of just one person.
  • Share your love story – tell us how you met, share your experiences from when you got married, tell us why you want a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding or why you want to renew your vows!
  • Upload your wedding photo, engagement photo, a picture taken during a fun vacation or at a special event -- or, show us a photo of you two today!
  • Please steer clear of clothing with BIG logos on it or brand-name products in the background
  • We want to keep you safe! Please don't include anything with your or your partner's full name, address, or your location in the picture
  • Your image needs to be in JPEG format and less than 3MB in file size

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