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Love at all times

Contest Photo by: chinafamily02
Columbus, OH

We've Been Together for:

15 1/2 years

My Love Story is:

Dennis and I have been married for just over 15 years, but have been together for 21. In that time, we have weathered storms of infertility, death of my sister due to Leukemia, adoption of our daughter from China, job loss as well as helping my Mom through breast cancer twice before losing her to a horrible blood infection following a double mastectomy. Our daughter who was adopted through the non-special-needs program in China has significant developmental delays and vision imapairments which will probably never allow her to be independent. Through it all, we have relied on our faith in God and our love for each other and our family to get us through. Life is hard, but love is stronger. We would love the opportunity to renew our wedding vows at the happiest place on earth.
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