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High School Sweethearts

Contest Photo by: Denisekelly311

We've Been Together for:

16 years of being together (never split up)

My Love Story is:

April 11, 1995, I was 15y/o & was babysitting a friend of mine's sisters. They wanted to go outside so I agreed. We went outside and I happened to look over to the left and down the street I saw this guy riding his bike while his friend walked (which was a friend of mine). I happened to say ooh the guy on the bike is cute! They continued to walk towards us so I told the girls we have to go inside. I started to wash dishes and the 10 year old said Denise come in the living room. I did and there they were sitting on the couch. I was so embarrassed that she had did that. We talked and he helped me with my homework and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. I of course accepted. We went to 2 different schools but we managed to see each other a lot during the school week. My parents let me transfer schools for the following year and we went to school together. We ended up having our first child in1997 second child in 1999 and third in 2005. We have been a happy family since we met.
Contest Photo Tips and Guidelines:
  • Photos should contain two (2) people – no groups or pictures of just one person.
  • Share your love story – tell us how you met, share your experiences from when you got married, tell us why you want a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding or why you want to renew your vows!
  • Upload your wedding photo, engagement photo, a picture taken during a fun vacation or at a special event -- or, show us a photo of you two today!
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