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"Trick or Treating in my John Deere Costume"

Submitted by: boatingwheelchair

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John Deere Tractor built to fit over a power wheelchair for a young child who is confined to a wheelchair. The tractor driver is dressed up as a farmer ready to harvest some candy on trick or treat night!

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 12 hours

Costume Materials
3 Sheets 1" blue insulation board
20-40 2" long nails
2 Bottles of Gorilla Glue
2"x30" shop vac tube
1 Yellow Blinking light
4 cans John Deere Green spray paint
2 cans John Deere Yellow spray paint
1 can black spray paint
1 can flourescent orange spray paint
4 3" toggle bolts
1 paint can lid
2 3/4"x1x2ft pine boards
4 3" L brackets
Farmer Hat (we used Pioneer Seed Corn Hat)
blue jean or flannel shirt
blue jeans
Power wheelchair(Specifically built costume for a wheelchair child)

Costume Instructions
Out of blue insulation board cut out: two sides of the tractor, 4 square pieces for the cab and one larger (overhang)
square for top of cab, rectangle piece for front top of tractor and 2 squares for the front and rear of tractor.
Made rectangle tool box on front. (This is all cut out in shape of tractor and length and width depends on wheelchair being used)
Glue the edges and corner together with Gorilla Glue. To reinforce use nails every 6" pushed into insulation board to secure. Mount smoke stack and gas cap on front top. Mount tool box on front end. For the wheels, cut circles and use the toggle bolts to hold them on the other boards. Gas cap is paint can lid painted black. Slow moving sign on rear and tailights are cut out of insulation board. Front Headlights are also from insulation board. Mount flashing yellow light to top cab of tractor. This had a cigarette adapter so we purchased another adapter to wire it into the wheelchair batteries. Build a support board for front and rear of wheelchair to hold the tractor. This is from pine boards with L brackets. Paint all pieces the appropriate color(s) as you put them together.