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"Thundercats: Lion-o! Costume"

Submitted by: Alpha cat
New York, NY

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I decided to dress up as Liono from the Thundercats. I grew up on the cartoon i nthe 80's and I KNEW nooooone else was dressing up as him. Not to mention they dont even make Liono costumes so I made everything myself wig, face makeup, the lion's paw.

It took me a couple weeks for the paw and quite a few test makeup runs.
The wig was originally a tight curled clown wig. I decided against what some people advised and use a flair hair iron to straighten it out and it worked. Didn't burn at all. Then hair sprayed it until still and molded it into the wild Lion-o hairdo. The lion's paw I simply went to a thrift store and bought a womans vest that had a faux fur type lining...sewed that around a elbow length maintence glove.
Went to a flea market and bought plastic red gems to add to the knuckles and fake nails to the fingertips. Not to mentioned I shaved off my beard!
I have a full video of the time lapsed process on youtube on my channel.

hope you like! :-)

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: about 2 weeks

Costume Materials
Red clown wig, cream based make up kit, hair spray, powder, hair dye (spray can) red , press on finger nail kit, faux fur, fake gemlike red rubies, spirit gum, spirit gum remover, elbow length black maintence glove, sewing kit, lots of super glue, eyebrow wax, flexible sealor

Costume Instructions
use the eyebrow wax over the eyebrows....until smooth and eyebrows are covered.
then apply consealor on top of the wax.

use white face paint around the eyes and mouth...very simmilar to a clown. (covering the eyebrows as well.

black face paint around the eye in a thin line.

light black outline around the mouth.

starting where your eyebrows normally begin draw dramatically hi and arched red eyebrowsalong the outline of the white over your Comb out and use a hair flat iron to straighten the wig on lowest heat setting. Then hairspray it until almost wet. once nearly wet you can style it upward until it drys.

take the faux fur and cut it around the forearma dn fingers of the glove then sew the fur together around it. The either sew or super glue the gem to the knuckles of the glove and same for the fake fingernails.

after all thats done then dress however you feel. :-)