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"The Red Baron Costume"

Submitted by: angiepippi
Garland, TX

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When my son Riley was 6 months old I saw the most adorable Red Baron costume. I then made him a triplane which attached to his stroller out of cardboard boxes. Since he couldn't yet walk, it was the perfect way for him to fly from house to house!

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: about 40 hours, plus dry time

Costume Materials
Two diaper boxes
exacto knife and scissors
flour and water
duct tape
red spray paint
silver spray pant
black and white acryllic paint and brushes
dowel rods (thin)

Costume Instructions
Cut the first box into the main shape of the plane, making sure to leave the back open to wrap around the side of the stroller. The cut out 6 wing shapes from the other box. Tape the wings to the sides of the first box. Then mix flour and water to make a paste. Dip strips of newspaper and apply to entire plane, like paper mache. After the paper dries, spray paint entire plane red. Paint details with the white and black paint. Cut dowel rods to fit in between the wings so that they hold up. Then if nessisary use string to futher stabalize wings. Cut a propeller shape from remaining box, and spray paint silver. Use a nail or screw to attach to from of box. Fit over the front of the stroller and your ready to go.