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"Mayor of Halloweentown Costume"

Submitted by: blakenjack
Chula Vista, CA

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The Mayor of Halloweentown from The Nightmare before Christmas.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: Depends on how well you sew!

Costume Materials
A child's clown costume pattern, with boning or a hoop. Sewing materials. Pinstripe fabric. A white shirt. A man's black tie. A BIG spider. Black and gray fun foam. Brads or other fasteners for the hat. A glue gun!

Costume Instructions
The clown costume should be two pieces: pants and a jacket. The hoop or boning can be in the pants(wearing suspenders to hold them up) or in the bottom of the jacket. It will be like a clown business suit in black & white pinstripe! Perfect for the mayor of Halloweentown. A white button-down shirt with a black tie and a huge spider completes the look. We used the large pieces of fun foam to make the very tall top hat. Cut out a circle, roll up the top to fit the child's head, and fasten with brads and glue gun where needed. Place a band of gray to finish the hat. Add some rolled up paper to be the mayors important papers. We used face paint to match the mayors facial expressions. What a fun costume...Jack & Sally would be proud!