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"Little Chicken Costume"

Submitted by: havanicejay
Daphne, AL

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A plump little white feathered chicken in white tights carrying a KFC treat box.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: Approx. 4 hours

Costume Materials
2 onesies
1 pair tights
2 white feather boas
1 white pilots cap
2 8x11 sheets red felt
2 8x11 sheets yellow felt
2 8x11 sheets of paper
4 yellow pipe cleaners
safety pins
pillow stuffing
long sleeve white shirt
KFC box
white ribbon
hole puncher
hot glue gun
nilla wafers & pacifer to keep baby happy

Costume Instructions
For the bodysuit I placed one onesie inside the other and sewed around the neck and arm holes. After sewing them together I stuffed them with the pillow stuffing and then sewed the leg holes together. Once the chicken had been stuffed I wrapped the feather boas around the onesies and pinned them with the safety pins approx. every 3 inches. I then tried them on Sophie to make sure the placement was right and I could get it on and off. I then sewed the feather boa to the neck of the bodysuit ( I didn't want the pins around her neck). I left the rest of the safety pins in place. I also carried extra safety pins with me incase she needed to be repinned at any time. It was a little cool in the evening so I put a long sleeved white shirt on her under the onesies to keep her warm.
For the hat. I drew the comb out on a piece of paper and then cut it out. Once I had a template I traced it onto the 2 pieces of red felt and cut them out. I sewed the 2 pieces together and stuffed them and sewed the bottom together. I then hot glued the comb to the white pilots cap (place the cap on a ball to keep it stretched out & easier to glue the comb onto).
For the feet. I made a template of my hand and wrist on a sheet of paper. I made the tips of my fingers pointy to look like a chicken claw. I then traced this onto the yellow felt leaving a strip at the top to wrap around her leg. I then glued 2 pipe cleaners to each claw to keep it off the ground and prevent her from tripping. I safety pinned the edges of the strip together around her leg to keep the feet on and cover her shoes.
For the treat basket I went to KFC and got a box & punched a hole on each side for the ribbon to go through. This made a handle for her to carry.