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"Jack-in-the-Box Costume"

Submitted by: krissyk262
Waukesha, WI

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My son's name is Jackson so this was a logical costume choice! He's dressed as a clown popping out of a box with a lever on the side.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 3 hours

Costume Materials
cardboard box that fits your child, roll of solid colored wrapping paper, construction paper, large plastic bendy straw, floss, streamers, felt fabric, thin aluminum tray that fits box, small clown costume, glue, tape (both clear and strapping)

Costume Instructions
I order a lot on Ebay so I had plenty of boxes laying around. One happened to fit my son, so I started cutting off the bottom flaps, and then cut the top open on three sides and left one so there was a top to keep open on the box. I reinforced all edges and creases on the box with strapping tape just to be safe. I used the aluminum tray to help prop up the red felt I had for Jack to rise up from. I cut a hole in the middle of it that fit him, reinforced the edges with strapping tape so they didn't cut him, and attached it just below the top on the inside of the box, then taped & glued the red felt (first one with hole cut in it to fit my child) onto the tray. I put another square of felt on top of that one that just had an X cut in the felt so that when I placed Jack into it, he really looked attached. Then I used a roll of solid colored wrapping paper to cover the box on all sides and just inside on the top of the box before the felt covered the rest. Then I used construction paper, floss, and streamers to decorate the outside of the box. On one side of the box I cut a small hole for the lever that you wind around to get Jack to pop out. I used a bendy straw for this. On one end of the straw (the longer side) I cut a piece off about half an inch long, then on the new end of the main straw I cut slits about an inch long all the way around the end of it that I then bent so that they would catch on the inside of the box to hold it in place. The tiny piece I had cut off first then got shoved into the end of the main straw on the inside to prevent the straw from being pulled out, yet still allowed it to spin. Then Jack got dressed in his clown costume, and placed into the box from the top X in the felt.