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"Herbie The Love Bug Costume"

Submitted by: herbiegeneral
Hartford, AL

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My son visited Disney World Christmas 2005. He became a huge Herbie The Love Bug fan while visiting the resort and staying at the All Star Movie Resort. When we returned home, all it has been
for the last two years is Herbie Land, my son even created his own theme park called Herbie Land. We looked long and hard for a hebie costume and could not locate one. He wanted to be Herbie, so we got a customized one of a kind T-shirt, and painted his face up to look like Herbie. He even beeped and talked to VW's on Halloween night, he would say "Trick or Treat Beeeeeep" as if he was really Herbie.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Costume Materials
White face paint, red, blue, and black face paint. Herbie shirt.

Costume Instructions
Dress in herbie shirt and colors. Paint the face white and draw a straight blue line down face from the hairline to the chin. Then draw a straight red line down the face fromthe hairline to the chin. Make the red line wider than the blue just like herbie. Take the black face paint and draw 53 on each cheek with a circle around it.