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"Haunted Mansion Ghost Costume"

Submitted by: wasagooze

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A ghost in the style of the Disney Haunted Mansion! A variety of white fabrics with sparkles and patterns make this ghost glow. His top hat is covered in cobwebs and spiders. A lightweight chain moves the look from Liberace to haunt!
Picture taken at the Magic Kingdom Halloween Party.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 6 hours

Costume Materials
Child's costume pattern for an "Abraham Lincoln" or Victorian style suit.A variety of lightweight white materials - shantung, cottons, tapestry, bridal fabric. A costume top hat, and fabric paint to make it white. Fake cobwebs, plastic chain. White gloves and shoes. White and black facepaint.

Costume Instructions
Follow the pattern for the suit, mixing and matching fabrics, and adding patches in different fabrics. Paint hat white, and cover with cobwebs/spiders. The chain and the facepaint are needed to make this scary, rather than lounge singerish!

This is one classy ghost - I only have him, but this would look great paired with a feminine version on sister or mom!