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"Catch of The Day! Costume"

Submitted by: Dzny2
South San Francisco, CA,

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The fisherman was lucky enough to catch a beautiful mermaid. That's what I call a great catch of the day!

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 3 days

Costume Materials
Pattern of fin
1 yard of material
Wooden crate
Mask of a man with a beard
Fish stickers
Rain gear(yellow) hat, pants, coat and rain boots
Nylons for the hands
1 Large shell for necklace
1 string of pearls
1 foam head to put on mask
1 stick to hold foam head up with mask
1 childs top

Costume Instructions
1. Make pattern out of card board for mermaid fin
2. Mermaid: 1 yard of any material desired. Put material inside out and sew together both ends leaving the material inside out and set the pattern all the way to the ottom of the material. With a pencil draw a line on the material following the bottom fo the pattern (bottom part only). Remove pattern and sew the material in an angel like the pattern.
3. Turn material inside in, make 6 strips about 1 inch wide and 10 inches long with stuffing. Lay the stuffing next to where you sewed the bottom of the material. Sew from outer edge to the center of material, do that on both sides. Repeat three times and stuff rest of the material with batting and shape body.
4. Take two nylon knee highs and shape into hands.
5. Put it all together