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"Birthday Cake Costume"

Submitted by: mimster1980
Bartlett, IL

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Kylie was set on being a birtday cake for Halloween and I searched and searched for a costume. I finally resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to make it and to my surprise it came out perfect. The picture shows the costume from the top, but on her chest it says "Happy" in pink pipe cleaners and on the the bottom it says "Birthday". She loves her costume and I'm happy because it is one of a kind.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 6 hrs. spread over a few days

Costume Materials
1. Old White Communion Dress
2. Pink Threads
3. Hula Hoop
4. Pink Pipe Cleaners
5. Pink Flowers
6. Hot Glue
7. Headband
8. Doile
9. Cake tip Decorator
10. Twist on led light

Costume Instructions
We took my old communion dress and put a hula hoop inside to make the bottom layer of the cake. I stiched this in place with thread. Next, I sewed pink pipe cleaners on the top (chest area) that says "Happy" and on the bottom (material hanging below hula hoop) that says "Birthday". I added the flowers around the edge for the bottom layer and stiched those in place and two on her shoulders for the top layer. On her head, ! made a cake topper out of a headband, a doile, a flower, and a working light up candle (cake decorating tip with a twist on LED light).