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"Birds Attack Costume"

Submitted by: amy101494
El Segundo, CA

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This costume I made for my 12 year old daughter. The costume consists of a women's business suit, a straw hat and about 6-7 black scary crows. She had said that she wanted to be something scary but still original and this is what we came up with.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: About 10 hours total time

Costume Materials
1-Womens Business suit, can be bought at any thrift shop. We chose a tweed suit.
1- Hat, any kind depending on look but make sure it can carry a crow on top
1- Pair of small heeled shoes, also bought at thrift store.
1- Cardboard box, big enough to make a vest that will stapled into the jacket of the suit.
6-7 Black Crows with feet, these we bought at different Halloween stores. We used two with light up eyes for effect.
1- Tube of fake blood, also bought at Hallowen store.
Glue Gun with lots of glue stickes
Heavey Duty Stapler

Costume Instructions
This costume was more difficult then I had anticipated. Keeping the birds from falling over was most challenging. I had to cut out a vest made of cardboard and then staple this to the inside of the jacket, between the lining and the fabric. I cut very small holes in the fabric of the costume,between the fabric and the cardboard, big enough to insert the feet of the birds. I then used a great deal of hot glue to secure the birds to the cardboard inside the suit. The hat was not very hard, I just glued the one of the birds to the top. I had to make a tie around the neck of the hat however to keep the hat from falling off. The blood was used on the face and ahnds to look as if the birds were attacking.