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"Big Wheel (Showcase Showdown on the "Price is Right") Costume"

Submitted by: mazinbenny
Loveland, CO

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As a homage to Bob Barker's retirement, we decided to do a family theme of the "Price is Right" gameshow. The big wheel is instantly recognizable as the tool for deciding the finalists for the Showcase Showdown. Everyone enjoys seeing the costume and getting their own chance to "spin the wheel"!

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: Several days

Costume Materials
4'x8' sheet of black corrugated plastic (purchased at a sign shop), 50' flexible irrigation tubing (1/2"), 1/2" tubing couplers, zip ties, utility knife, old bicycle wheel, 12' 1/2" PVC pipe, 5 90 degree PVC elbows, 2 PVC tees, PVC primer and cement, 3/8" wooden dowell, electric drill, paper, craft foam, double-sided tape, drawer pull handles, scrap lumber (3/8" slat), 4 shelf supports, hot water or hair dryer, lock nuts and t-nut for constructing axle, scrap cardboard, red posterboard or paint, black t-shirt, yellow electrical tape.

Costume Instructions
1. cut 4' circle of corrugated plastic
2. make two large hula hoops out of the flexible tubing
3. bisect one hula hoop with a piece of scrap 3/8" thick lumber.
4. drill center of wood and corrugated plastic.
5. mount bicycle wheel to wooden slat using zip ties. Place spacers under the edges of the wheel not directly over the wooden slat. The corrugated plastic offers plenty of structural support on its own.
6. drill dowell, hammer in t-nut, attach to wheel. Drill and get a t nut to match the thread pattern of the bicycle wheel axle.
7. test spin, adjust as needed
8. Cut faces out of remaining 4'x4' corrugated plastic, leave as long strips, scored into equal faces (20)
9. Use zip ties to attach faces together where needed.
10. Arrange a "ring" of the faces around the side of the wheel with the bike wheel, drill through the face into through the tubing. Use zip ties to attach faces.
11. Use shelf supports to strengthen the big wheel.
12. Decorate face with paper wedges with numbers. use double-sided tape to attach paper to corrugated plastic.
13. Decorate faces with cutout craft foam. Use double-sided tape to attach craft foam.
14. Construct a rectangular frame out of the PVC pipe, with a T connector in the middle of the right short side, and a T connector in the middle of the front long section (the arrow will be supported out of this connecter).
15. Cut arrow out of scrap cardboard, cover with red posterboard (double-sided tape) or paint.
16. create "L" shaped piece of PVC to support the arrow, attach with zip ties.
17. attach shoulder strap to the PVC frame
18. Slide dowell into the T connecor on the right side of the frame.
19. Take a black tshirt and cut angular strips of yellow electrical tape to form the seven-segment type display.
20. Don your costume, and have fun letting people to "spin to win!