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"Barbie Doll In Package Costume"

Submitted by: KylieFugate
Phoenix, AZ

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This is a homeade Barbie Doll costume.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 6 hours

Costume Materials
The materials used to make this costume were the following: A warddrobe box from UHaul, white poster board, barbie posters, computer paper, a stapler, spray adhesive, pink spray paint, packing tape, a razor blade, scissors, one clear shower curtain, a pink striped dress, pink stilleto heals, a pink purse, a blonde wig, and some jewelry. :)

Costume Instructions
First I taped the box up with the packing tape. Next I spray painted the whole box pink. I bought a roll of 12 barbie posters on ebay. They were originally meant to hang from the back of a bedroom door and be colored......I used them to decorate the outside back and inside back of my box. They acted sort of like wallpaper on the inside and I used spray adhesive to stick them to the box. Then I printed Barbie in the Barbie font onto regular size computer paper. The letters were so big that some pieces of each letter were on different pages and had to be stuck together with tape after being cut out. I then used the spray adhesive to stick those letters to the white construction paper......but you have to stick them on backwards, so they end up being the right way when you stick them to the box. I then stuck the letters to the box using spray adhesive. I printed the Mattel logo out on regular computer paper, cut it out, and stuck in to the box with spray adhesive. After that I drew an outline of the opening, using the straight edge of some construction paper for the straight parts, and my best efforts on the parts around the word :). Then I took a razor blade and cut the opening out. I then lined the sides of the inside with white construction paper using spray adhesive for sticking. I then cut a clear shower curtain and stapled it to the inside of the box. Next, I decorated the sides using construction paper and spray adhesive again. Lastly, I cut little handles using a razor blade. The outfit and wig should be self explanatory and there you have it! :)