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"King Kong on Empire State Mommy Costume"

Submitted by: AmyLiebl
Rochester, mn,

Family Group Costumes

I was the Empire State building and my baby was dressed in a gorilla costume and rode on my back in a carrier. I made the building costume. I couldn't believe I actually found a baby sized gorilla costume! I should have had him holding a barbie!

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 4 hrs to make building costume

Costume Materials
1 baby gorilla costume
lots of printer paper
printer or a copy store
clear contact paper
11x13 or larger piece of cardboard or foam core
scissors or x-acto knife
baseball hat

Optional: blonde barbie or toy airplane for baby to hold. Building wearer could also carry 2 flashlights to shine around like search lights.

Costume Instructions
Found a drawing of the empire state building and printed it out poster sized on our home computer 8.5 x 11 sheets. Pieced it together and laminated it with clear contact paper and attached an adjustable string off an old windbreaker so I could wear it like a bib. Then for the building top, I glued the printed top to some foam core and then attached it with clips to a baseball cap. My son, Mini King Kong rode on my back, climbing me, in a baby backpack carrier. That way I didn't have to bring a stroller. It gets pretty cold in MN around Halloween. He stayed toasty in his gorilla costume and against my back.