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"Tori Yoo-Hoo Costume"

Submitted by: IMAQT271
Philadelphia, PA

Easy-to-Make Halloween Costumes

Tori is dressed as her favorite drink. Chocolate Yoo-Hoo.
This is quite easy to make and fun to wear.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 48 hours with dry time

Costume Materials
1 Rectangular box.
1 pt. yellow paint.
red and blue paint from your school paint kit.
1 small bottle brown paint. You can get this all at your local craft store.
1 black permanent marker
1 piece of PVC pipe with a corner section
something to cut head and arm holes.
A few different size paint brushes like from an art set.
1 yoo-hoo box drink for example and as a refreshment.

Costume Instructions
First measure out where your head and arms should be. Next cut out head and arm holes. Finally cut a hole just large enough to fit the pipe. This is your straw.
Paint the entire box yellow. Let it dry completely.
Take the brown paint and brush it on the top and bottom of the box in a wavy pattern so it looks like chocolate milk. Let that dry.
Now use a pencil to write in the words on the box. That way if you mess up you can erase it. When you have that done, color in the words with your other paints. If you really want it to be authentic, take your black marker and write the nutritional information on the sides. Just follow the example on your yoo-hoo box. Once you get the costume on you can have someone help you put the straw in.
Make sure the box isn't too long, or walking around and navigating steps will be very difficult.