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"The littlest Marine Costume"

Submitted by: steelefamily3


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Daddy, a Sargeant in the Marine Corps was deployed to Iraq for a year and missed out on Damien trick-or-treating this year. To show him that we are so proud of what he was doing for our country, I had this costume made for him. I used the same rank as his daddy. Damien loved it and refused to take it off! He also wore this during the homecoming at Camp Lejuene, NC. People were amazed at this costume. Other then the camoflage fatigues, I have never seen a set of mini-blues done. A lady approached me at the dry cleaners and cried and told us how much she appreciated it as well. People kept wanting to take his picture no matter where we went. Im so glad that something so small made so many people happy. That's why we did it. To honor those who are away from home and from thier families.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: on and off for about a month

Costume Materials
Black fabric: blouse
Dark navy blue fabric: pants
Dark red fabric: blood-stripe for pants and piping for the edging on the blouse.
Fabric lining for inside of blouse or batting. Batting can get itchy when your hot. Make sure your child wears an undershirt.
Matching thread.
*iodized buttons for his blouse
*female rank (male rank was too large for the costume).
* smallest cover (hat) I could find. It was still too big, but it wouldnt be a complete uniform without the cover.
I used red, white and blue flag fabric to make his trick-or-treat bag.