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"Robot Costume"

Submitted by: heather-j22


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When my three year old son asked to be a "red robot" for Halloween, I couldn't resist! This is the costume I made.

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 3 to 4 hours

Costume Materials
Box for head (10 x 10 x 9)
Box for body (18 x 14 x 10)
Shoebox lid
Small styrofoam ball
18 gauge wire (18 long)
Mesh window screen (8 x 6)
Red spray paint
Metallic silver spray paint
Flexible aluminum foil ducting (dryer duct)
5  10 Small round reflectors  various colors
Small string of battery powered Christmas lights w/ batteries
Safety strobe light
Hole punch and mallet
Yellow cellophane (4 x 5)
Green cellophane (4 x 5)
Silver duct tape
Red duct tape
Super glue
X-acto knife
Wire cutter
Ruler / Tape measure
Easy slip-on shoes
Snug fitting clothes to wear under costume
Red gloves

Costume Instructions
1. Cut the entire bottom out of the body box and cut a circle in the top of the body box big enough for childs head to fit through. Try it on child and mark the best place to cut the arm holes. The diameter of the arm holes should be slightly smaller than 4 (to allow the ducting to attach snuggly). Cut out the arm holes. Center the shoe box lid on the front of the body box and trace with a pencil. Cut a hole in the body box about 1 smaller (on each side) than the size of the lid that you just traced. Cut a large rectangle in the front of the head box for your child to look out of. Cut a robot smile also. Secure all of the flaps inside the boxes with duct tape.

2. Spray paint the head and body boxes red and the control panel shoe box lid and small Styrofoam ball silver. Leave these pieces in a well ventilated area for several days to air out. Tip: Before bringing inside, wipe down the outside and inside of the boxes with a damp paper towel to remove any paint dust.

3. Measure your childs arms and legs. Cut four pieces of ducting  two for the arms and two for the legs. Make sure to cut them long enough. Use a wire cutter to snip the wire that coils within the ducting and use a piece of duct tape to cover the sharp point to keep it from scratching or poking your child.

4. Duct tape a piece of mesh window screen on the inside of the head box over the eye hole. Wrap a piece of 18 gauge wire around a pencil to make a coil. Poke one end of the coil into the top of the head box and secure on the inside with duct tape. Attach the styrofoam ball to the other end of the coil.

5. Using the hole punch and mallet, punch several holes in the front of the control panel shoe box lid. Tape pieces of yellow and green cellophane over the holes on the back side of the lid. You may want to layer 3 or 4 pieces of cellophane so the color shows up better when a light is placed behind it. Tape the bulbs from the Christmas lights on the back side of the lid. Position the bulbs so they are directly behind the cellophane-covered holes. Looking at the front, the lights should appear slightly yellow or green because of the cellophane.

6. Center the shoe box lid on the front of the body and glue in place with super glue. Once dry, using duct tape, secure the battery pack for the Christmas lights somewhere on the inside of the body or control panel lid.

7. Attach your strobe light to the front of the control panel. Attach a small reflector on each side of the head for ears. Attach one for the nose. Put other reflectors wherever you want.

8. Attach the arms to the body. Slightly bend one end of arm ducting to squeeze it through the arm hole in the box. Attach both arms. Secure with duct tape if needed.

9. Cover a pair of easy slip on shoes with red duct tape. Wrap loosely to allow the shoes to stretch a little when the child puts them on. Tip: If you dont want the shoes to get gummy from the tape, wrap them in plastic wrap before wrapping in tape.

10. If you want the robot head to turn when your child turns their head, do the following: Create a duct tape helmet by wrapping your childs head with duct tape STICKY SIDE OUT  do not stick sticky side of tape on your childs hair. Do not wrap too tight. Cover the head completely just above the ears. Once the head is covered with sticky side out, do another layer of tape with sticky side in so youll end up with a cute duct tape helmet. Take the helmet off and secure the top of the helmet to the inside of the robot head with more duct tape. Now when your child puts the robot head on, they will slip their head into the helmet and when their head turns the robot head will also turn.

11. All done! Have your child wear snug clothes under the costume so their arms and legs will fit easily into the ducting. First put the legs and shoes on. Secure top of legs with duct tape if needed. Next slip on body and put red gloves on. Finally, put on head and turn on the Christmas