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"Oompa-Loompa Costume"

Submitted by: Erik2254
Hoboken, NJ

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My interpretain of an Oompa-Loompas

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 1 hour

Costume Materials
White or off white overalls, brown shirt, orange and white face paint, green hair paint, white gloves, fun knee high socks, white shoes

Costume Instructions
Head over to a thrift store like Salvation Army. I found a lot of clothes there that were useful. THe best part about this is that all of the money spent on materials at the Salvation Army went to a good cause. The shirt should be a brown color, but I had fun finding a brown shirt with a pattern. This costume is best in a group, so everyone can have a unique brown shirt with a pattern that showcases their personality. A pair or white overalls completes most of the costume. Girls can use an overall skirt if they like and both boys and girls can where the pants or the shorts. The knee high socks can be striped or checked or any other fun pattern. White gloves add some extra detail. On the day the costume is to be worn, paint your face orange and then add some white face paint over your eyebrows. Spray your hair green and style it in a funky way. A pair of white sneakers brings the costume together. An oompa loompa wouldn't be finished without some candy and what better time for candy than Halloween. Carry around some suckers and licorice and chew on them while in costume.