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"Kitty Cat Costume"

Submitted by: gabbymia13
Union City, NJ

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sexy cat

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: 1 hour

Costume Materials
nest stoking
make up

Costume Instructions
1-cat collar mesure your childs neck cut and make enough space to tide it on the back got some rinestones added it to the collar with a glue gun
2-skirt cut old skirt into wedges
3-old black blouse
4-nest stocking
5-make up
Cat/Animal Makeup Application

A. Sketch eyeliner, nose and upper lip shapes with black makeup. The other hair designs on face can be painted with a color to match wig or hair color.
B. Highlight around dark shapes with a light color. Carefully study the highlight shapes in eye and mouth area. They are important in creating animal shapes.
C. Accent remaining areas with a color of your choice
D. Accent hair with spray colors. We styled the model's natural hair into "ear" shapes and streaked it with silver and white spray.