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"Hot dog Costume"

Submitted by: zabeth81
Baltimore, MD

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He's hotdog.... yup...

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Costume Instructions

Prep Time: about 6 hours

Costume Materials
1 yd brown fabric, a little darker on one side
1/4 yds green, red and yellow fabric
1 lg bag poly-fill or stuff-n-fluff
small pile of newspaper
1 package of velcro **not the self sticking type!!**

Costume Instructions
Measure the length of the animals sides, roughly from arm to leg, and height from the floor to the top of its back. Cut 4 oval shapes of the brown material to this length. Layout one of the pieces darker side up, then lay another directly on top darker side up. Sew around the edges of leaving a 4" gap. Flip pieces right side out, fill with poly-fill, and sew gap closed, you should now have half of a "bun" Darker side being the "crust". Repeat with next 2 pieces.

Measure the width of the back at the shoulders and tail and across the chest of the dog. Cut strips of Velcro to fit and pin to corresponding areas of the "buns" *make sure darker side of fabric is face out*. Fit to dog to make sure its comfortable for the animal. Remove from dog and stitch Velcro in place.

Fold and cut red and yellow fabric to fit length of dogs back *should be slightly longer than "bun" length. Separately, sew around 1 short edge and one long edge of both pieces, creating an "L" shape when the fabric is opened. Sew the other long side of each piece in a wavy line, stuff with poly-fill and sew remaining short end closed. Attach to opposite buns for ketchup and mustard.

Fold and cut green fabric to same length as red and yellow. Sew fabric into a tube shape closing off one end. Stuff tube with crumpled newspaper, Sew open end closed and attach to middle section of costume for Relish.

Dress as a hotdog vendor and your ready to go ^__^