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Terence the Pixie Dust Fairy

Contest Photo by: jeniapalucci
Boiling Spring Lakes, NC
Category: Scary Singles

Brief Description:

What do you do when your 4-year old son LOVES the Disney Fairies and wants more than anything to be one for Halloween? Get him excited about dressing as Terence, the Pixie Dust fairy! And then realize that there is no such thing as a store-bought Terence costume.


The leggings were a store-bought pair in brown, that I painted a leaf pattern onto with acrylic paint. An adult brown t-shirt became the vest, by cutting it open up the front, cutting the bottom off and making a collar out of the scrap fabric, and reshaping the front opening into leaf shapes. Then I painted the leaf pattern onto the front of the vest and collar. Additional scraps of fabric became the wrist bands. The tunic was a simple pattern, that I made from a fuzzy, "moss"- like fabric. For the belt I cut strips off of an off-white t-shirt and sewed them end-to-end, to make a long rope that wrapped around him several times. Terence's signature acorn cap is made from a baseball cap with the bill cut off, and small cone-shapes made from foam hot-glued all over to give it an acorn texture. We finished the costume off with a pair of store-bought wings and a generous sprinkle of pixie dust!
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