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Majestic Gingerbread Castle

Contest Photo by: wolastic58
Waukee, IA,
Category: Gingerbread Houses


Every year it is a family tradition for our two boys to make a gingerbread "house" with their Grandparents. This year was no exception. The magic usually happens on Thanksgiving weekend when there is extra time to "create". Grandpa told the boys last year, that "next" year we would try to create a Gingerbread Castle...and Grandpa's don't fib. He planned ahead and thought we should search the internet for some ideas or a kit....however - there was not much out there....SO...he drew up his own plans and as a family we brought them to life. Each one of us added a "touch" to the creation of the Majestic Gingerbread Castle and had a BLAST doing it!


Cardboard box
Empty pringles cans
Round container
Strong Glue
Drummel Tool
Cinnamon Graham Crackers
White Frosting

How to Make

  • Using the boxes, chip cans and other containers create a base for the castle using tape and glue. Using paper, cut notches out and wrap strips around top of round containers in all 4 corner and 1 in the middle. Cut a door and windows if desired.

  • Glue graham crackers to the base using a strong glue, a glue gun or sticky frosting. Use a drummel tool to chisel out the smaller and rounded pieces.

  • Using white frosting in a tube or decorator bag, squeeze it in between all of the graham cracker sqaures and anywhere else desired. Using more white frosting as a "glue", adhere the candies in various places to decorate the castle. Sit back and enjoy- but do not eat this one!

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