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Parent Moments: Back to Work
By Shannon Riggs

Winning Comment:
I have been a working mom and stay-at-home mom. Both are rewarding and challenging. When my daughter was born my maternity leave was 3 months then right back to work ... Read More
Past Stories
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Now You See Her, Now You Don't | By Tracy Teare
My daughter Natalie, 5, must be related to Houdini. She's had a knack for disappearing since she could crawl ... Read More
I have two younger brothers, one of which was 2 at the time of this story and would "walk" to the bus stop with us every morning ... Read More
A Public Pregnancy | By Emily Miles Terry
I tend to categorize pregnancies into themes. Like the babies in our bellies, I believe that pregnancies are singular and ... Read More
camsmomme says:
When I was pregnant with my 2nd son my 1st son was 4 years old and he really wasn't very interested in the pregnancy except for the fact that ... Read More
Play Ball ... Please! | By Shannon Riggs
I was never a great ball player, but I loved the game ever since I was a little girl. The strategy, the statistics, the calls at home plate ... Read More
My son, Daniel, is almost 4 years old. He is a special-needs child, and deals with his left side being affected by hemiplegia cerebral palsy ... Read More
Double Trouble | By Tracy Teare
We're checking out at the grocery store when the clerk asks the inevitable: "Hey are you two twins?" Read More
I am an identical twin who is really close with my sister. It's amazing to think that we were two individuals connected within an atmosphere of togetherness since birth ... Read More
Life's a Beach | By Ame Beanland
"Mama, just put him down," Grace, 6, says matter-of-factly as I struggle to get her little brother unwrapped from my shoulders ... Read More
When you hold your very own baby for the first time you will find your life changing in that very moment ... Read More
Karma in a Teething Ring | By Shannon Riggs
Call me superstitious, but I'm convinced that by breaking two cardinal rules of parenting.... Read More
judy1252 says:
I, too, learned those Cardinal Rules early ...from my father. He said when you hear someone with an out of control child ... Read More
Whoa, Bitty! | By Emily Miles-Terry
As every parent learns at some point, there's a fine, whisper-thin line between that's normal and whoa! ... Read More
rennie says:
My first memory: I am but a few months old, sitting in our living room in a sunny spot in front of the door ... Read More
A Family That Shares Sleep | By Meagan Francis
When pregnant with my oldest son 10 years ago, my husband and I -- like most expecting parents -- set up a crib complete with ... Read More
Tlsps says:
I read all kinds of books before my son was born, but ended up just doing what felt right for both of us ... Read More
Three Times, You Win | By Gary Drevitch
Since the day he was born, my third child had been a dream. He was a bright-eyed and cheerful 16-month-old, a great eater, and a good sleeper ... Read More
We went through the same thing with both of our children. When we realized that we were making the same mistake twice ... Read More
Can I Help? | By Rebecca Boucher
"Can I help?" is music to my ears. Four kids equals four sets of dirty clothes (times three, it seems, each day), four beds to make, four lunches to pack ... Read More
p-1872735690 says:
My son always wanted to help in the kitchen, especially when baking. He would always sit on the counter top and watch ... Read More
Mom's a Liar | By Meagan Francis
The other day I overheard a discussion between two mothers about whether parents should hide the truth about scary world events from their kids ... Read More
ROSANNEpm says:
I rarely lie to my kids but one time our son caught us in a lie. We were in South Dakota ... Read More
Guests at the Funeral | By Gary Drevitch
The call woke me up early on a November morning two years ago, although I had been told the previous night to be ready for it ... Read More
Last year we buried Grandma Helen, and I brought my 3 year old daughter to both the funeral and gravesite services .... Read More
A Christmas Disaster | By MandaJuice
Two years ago, when our son was 2 and I was pregnant with his sister, my husband Dave and I were freshly-minted apartment dwellers. We'd just moved out of our condo ... Read More
rettke8 says:
You would think after 4 boys already I might have learned by number 5 but it happened happened anyway ... Read More
The Sweet Taste of a Lesson Learned | By Rebecca Boucher
When my second child, Quin, entered the fourth grade, I greeted the year with a familiar sort of shame. I had learned from his elder sister that fourth grade equals fractions ... Read More
cltgrace says:
My Gracie had been learning a memory in Sunday School. Wanting to support this at home ... Read More
Embracing the Middle Child | By Gary Drevitch
I do not have an abundance of skills. I'm not very handy, I can't pick stocks, I don't swim very well, and I can barely hit a baseball. However ... Read More
dlabrant says:
The first child, everything is new. The last child, you embrace the last chance for these experiences. The middle child ... Read More
Airplane Absurdity | By MandaJuice
Years ago, I smiled back at my son in the rearview mirror as we pulled away from the airport, confident that I'd discovered some secret to traveling with children ... Read More
jenstvns says:
While traveling with my 2 yr old, I never go with out his car seat! ... Read More
The Ick Factor | By Emily Miles Terry
Through the pre-dawn darkness of our bedroom, I hear Henry's husky, 7-year-old voice: "Mom?'' I'm instantly awake. Read More
There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't remember some funny story about something my kids said or did ... Read More
Pumpkin Patch Kid | By Kimberly A. Brehm
I thought Ally would look forward to Halloween this year, now that she knew about trick-or-treating and unlimited candy, but my 3-year-old was still fearful of the fall holiday.Read More
Livsmom82 says:
My daughter is 17 months old this Halloween. We have been in stores with scary displays and strange sights abound ... Read More
Shop 'Til You Stop | By Emily Miles Terry
"Where are we going, Mommy?" Henry asks as I strap him into his car seat. "To the grocery store. It's a place where you buy food."Read More
alicox27 says:
I think we have all had our share of cart horror stories it takes a BRAVE woman to handle more than one child ... Read More
In a Flash | By Kimberly A. Brehm
"I want be to be Flash," Trevor resolutely declared when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween. "I saw it on TV ...Read More
This so reminded me of my daughter when she was younger. She thought if she wore a certain pair of tennis shoes ... Read More
The Hits That Hurt | By DrMommyKC
One evening before dinner, my then-27-month old daughter Jolie was sitting on the floor playing with some of her toys ... Read More
It is funny, but the first thing that I thought of was a similar incident that happened when my eldest was about that age ... Read More
Pulling the Plug on Video Games | By DreamTeamKimB
"Just a few more minutes, Mom," my son pleaded in monotone, his eyes glazed in a too-familiar electronic trance ... Read More
Way to go! If you are like us and don't do character stuff, try common community helpers, firemen, police, baker ... Read More
Taming the Green Eyed Monster | By DreamTeamTracy
I'm making my way across the muddy playground to pick Talie up from preschool when she and a friend come crashing up. Read More
amybrase says:
There are a couple of fantastic tips I've learned from other moms that help keep the peace among our three children... Read More
Tooth Fairy, D.D.S. | By DreamTeamShannonR
Five Halloweens ago, my son Jake lost his first tooth. I remember it was Halloween, because we were in costume at a Halloween party... Read More
My kids are 11 and 7. My 11 year old recently found out that she had only 5 baby teeth left and it depressed her. Read More
Boo-Tiful Decor | By DreamTeamAme
I'm in the middle of a big-box store where I've let Grace, 6, walk around the corner to look at the Halloween costumes. Read More
Twizzie1 says:
My 5 year old has always been spooked by the stores' Halloween displays... Read More
Dumpster Diving | By Emily Miles Terry
It took me several years as a mom to realize that there was a whole realm of parenting responsibilities no one tells you about when you say you want to have kids... Read More
My husband is a neat freak. As soon as you finish a drink he will take your glass and wash it. The other night we were in the kitchen with our daughter... Read More
Every Parent's Dream | By Princess_Peg
Even as a small toddler, our Princess in Waiting had the makings of the young woman she is today. Read More
czhiss says:
My sons prefer to stay at home or hang out with only a few friends. Read More
Our Girls | By ShopandTell
The day that I decided to fight back started just like any other day. As the summer was winding down two years ago...Read More
brunette says:
Hooray for you! Yes, this is a problem and that fact that you want to change it is great! Read More
Daddies and Dolls | By Emily Miles Terry
"Daddy, do you know where my Cinderella socks are?'' asks Julia. My husband Dave's reply is tentative...Read More
I can relate to this but the other way around. I had a daughter first and was totally at ease playing dolls with her. Read More
To Feed or Not To Feed | By BuckeyeChristy
When I was first pregnant, I devoured book after book about parenting. I noticed that each author gave very different advice...Read More
gdem1389 says:
I remember how much I enjoyed breast feeding all 4 of my children. Read More
Cry it Out | By MandaJuice
When we decided to move from California to Washington, I didn't kid myself into thinking it would be easy. I anticipated problems...Read More
rwaymast says:
Sounds like you have a strong-willed child on your hands. That's not a bad thing -- it's wonderful. Read More
Off to Camp | By Kimberly A. Brehm
Brittany was running around her bedroom, tossing T-shirts and bathing suits haphazardly towards her open suitcase on the floor. Read More
Evural says:
On a camping trip in Maine last summer, my 3 year old and 6 year old were having a little spat... Read More
Bug Off | By Emily Miles Terry
A banshee shriek pierces the quiet of our home. I stand, stricken, until I realize it's just Julia's "bug wail." Read More
Sroland35 says:
This reminds me of one horrible but funny time... Read More
Win or Lose | By ShortOrderMom
My oldest daughter Cassidy, then 6, stood stock-still on the stage. Read More
Cassidy is so lucky that she has parents that set a secure foundation for her. Read More
In Sickness and In Health | By WhitneyMWS
It was a Friday afternoon and I was taking my time packing an overnight bag for a rare getaway with my husband. Read More
Rios188 says:
Kids seem to handle being sick or hurt so much better than adults. Read More
Baseball Bummer | By Kimberly A. Brehm
My son couldn't have looked prouder, standing just slightly over 3 feet tall in his pristine white baseball pants... Read More
Sandy4984 says:
Your story brought tears to my eyes, thinking about my own little boy. Read More
Captain Hook | By Emily Miles Terry
When our son Henry was three, he started to associate with some pretty sketchy characters... Read More
TDUniblab says:
I just want to say thank you for reminding me... Read More
Two to One | By Lee Bromley
When I think of Hebrew school, my head conjures up images of a decrepit old building... Read More
Oh, Little Jack...The challenge he endured to experience the life's lessons of... Read More
Making Toast with My Precious | By Liz Thompson
When it goes 'DING!' then it's done,... Read More
Congratulations on your new ah-ben! And it is indeed good for your little budding... Read More
Out of the Mouths of Babes | By Catherine Devine
For some, in-laws can be a tricky... Read More
Just as easy as the comment escapes us, why is it that instead of turning the situation... Read More
Froggy Baby Sister | By Steven Johnson
Who was it who told me and my wife that if our child acquires an attachment object... Read More
mermaidn says:
This applies to a pacifier as well. On our first trip to Disney's Epcot my daughter coughed... Read More
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