Pooh Bear Cake

This cake was for my daughter's 3rd Birthday. The pot is cake and pooh bear is marshmallow and crispy rice treats covered in white chocolate.

You'll need:

  • Your favorite cake mix (enough for four 8" round cakes)
  • Your favorite buttercream frosting
  • Your favorite fondant recipe
  • Marshmallow and crispy rice cereal treats (prepare according to cereal box)
  • Modeling chocolate
  • Food coloring

1. Bake 4 8" round cakes. Allow to cool and begin assembling Pooh's pot. You will only use 3 of the 4 cakes. Place one round on the center of your cake plate top side down, put buttercream icing in center of cake and spread a thin layer. Place the second cake top-side down on top of the first cake, spread icing over top and place last cake on the top. Cut the top edge of the top and bottom cakes off at a 45 degree angle and trim off any ragged edge

2. Frost entire pot with buttercream. Color two pounds of fondant sky blue. Roll fondant out to desired thickness and cover cake with fondant. Make 2 long snakes of fondant for top and bottom lip of honeypot. USing a bamboo skewer held horizontally, make the indentations on the side of the pot. Roll small amount of fondant out to make the label for the pot. Cut in rectangle and place on the pot. Pipe "HUNNY" on pot using buttercream colored black.

3. To make Pooh bear, form slightly cooled krispy treats to make poohs body, head, arms and party hat. Make the hat and arms smaller than you think they should be. Cover the head and half the arm in egg yellow modeling chocolate. Cover his torso and upper arm in red. Color a small amount of chocolate black to make his eyes, eyebrow, nose, and mouth.

4. Cover the party hat in desired color chocolate. Using a garlic press, place a small amount of contrasting color chocolate in the press to make the fringe for the hat and the pom pom on top. push a toothpick in top of poohs head. Push hat down on toothpick. Place pooh bear on the honeypot. Use a skewer to secure his arms if necessary, cover hole with more chocolate. Use lemon yellow colored buttercream to pipe honey on pooh and down sides of pot.

Cake recipe submitted by missbakesalot from Pleasant Grove, UT for FamilyFun.com's Great Cake Contest.
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