Mickey Mouse

Mickey's Faux Pepperoni Pizza

You never know when or where you might discover a hidden Mickey. Look closely and you'll find this faux pizza has more than one. Not only is the pie itself shaped like the famous mouse, but the "olive" toppings resemble him too. And that's not the only surprise. Though it looks savory, this pizza is a sweet treat -- even the pepperoni is candy!

You'll need:

  • Mickey's Faux Pepperoni Pizza Template
  • Three 7-inch flour tortillas
  • Strawberry jam
  • 1/2 cup or so of white Candy Melts
  • 8 to 10 red Candy Melts
  • Green fruit snack, such as Fruit Roll-Ups or Fruit By The Foot
  • Round chocolate candies, such as Junior Mints and brown M&Ms
  • Cashew halves

1. Use the template to cut a pair of round Mickey ears out of two of the tortillas. Then arrange the remaining whole tortilla and the ear tortillas on a serving plate or tray to look like Mickey's head.

2. Whisk the jam to make it smooth and then spread it on the tortillas, leaving a margin around each one plain to resemble pizza crust.

3. For "cheese," heat the white candy melts in the microwave. Stir the candy until it's smooth enough to spread atop the jam. Don't be too fussy -- it will look more authentic if you swirl it randomly.

4. Top the cheese with red Candy Melts pepperoni slices, diced green peppers (green fruit snack cut into small squares), and mushrooms fashioned from cashew halves. You can even add hidden Mickey "olives" by topping Junior Mints candies with chocolate M&M's.

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Click here to hang with Mickey and his friends at the official Mickey Mouse site!

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