Fish Face Pita

fish face pita

Craft fun faces with fish filets.



  1. Bake fish filets according to package instructions.
  2. Cut two ¼ inch slices off one end of each stick of string cheese at a slant to make whites of eyes and set slices aside.
  3. Slice black olive into 4 pieces for eyeballs and set aside. Slice one cherry tomato half into two wedges to make mouths. Cut green pepper into strips and cut each strip into ½ inch pieces and set aside.
  4. Place a string cheese stick into each pita half. Microwave for 30 seconds to soften cheese. Add lettuce leaf and a small dollop of Tangy Tartar Sauce. Add half of chopped green peppers and cherry tomatoes to each pita, leaving out two small pieces of green pepper for the nose.
  5. Place fish filets in pitas. Arrange cheese slices on the filet to make whites of eyes and top with olive slices for eyeballs. Add green pepper for nose and a ¼ slice cherry tomato for the mouth.
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