Minnie Mouse Surprise Cake

Surprise! This two-tiered cake features Minnie Mouse popping out of the top. This cake takes some preparation 3-5 days before you put the cake together.

You'll need:

  • Your favorite cake mix (enough for three 8" square cakes and one 10" square cake)
  • Your favorite buttercream frosting
  • Your favorite fondant recipe (tinted in various colors, with enough to cover the top and bottom tiers in two colors of your choosing)
  • Royal icing (in white, black, and pink)
  • Parchment paper
  • Plastic dowel rods
  • Food writer pens

1. Trace Minnie Mouse's face, arms, and a tag on parchement paper with thinned black royal icing. Fill in the all areas of her face and arms with the appropriate colors. Cover two hollow plastic dowel rods with black rolled fondant. Allow 3-5 days for everything to dry. When dry, attach Minnie face and arms to plastic dowel rods with royal icing, allow to dry.

2. Bake three 8" square cakes and one 10" square cake.

3. Ice the 10" cake with butter cream and cover with rolled fondant in one color.

4. Stack the three 8" square cakes onto a fitted cake board, layering them with butter cream so they stick. Ice the stacked cakes with butter cream and cover with rolled fondant in a second color.

5. Using the same color fondant as the 8" square cake, cut 12-15 triangles and lay each inside something rounded, like a mailing tube cut in half length-wise so they curl.

6. Cut out stars and circles from different colors of fondant and attach to cake with water. Cut out fondant strips and arrange at the base of each cake for border. Using food writer pens, add balloon detail and other final touches.

7. Place Minnie face on cake and arrange arms/hands. Attach "torn" fondant pieces with water around face & arms. Attach fondant details to tag and place on cake.

Cake recipe submitted by SweetieHunny_ from Addison, TX for FamilyFun.com's Great Cake Contest.
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