Tricks for Halloween Treats

Scare up some smiles with easy Halloween food styling tips. From eating by jack-o'-lantern candlelight to black scrambled eggs, your kids will have a howling good time.

  • Black concentrated food-coloring paste is the busy mother's Halloween dream. You can buy it at some craft stores, like Michaels, or online at Stir it into the most ordinary foods — milk, scrambled eggs, peanut butter — and make them look horrifying without changing the taste a bit.
  • Let the kids drink — you guessed it — orange juice, and "bug" some ice cubes. Fill an ice cube tray with water, then add raisins, or dangle gummy worms half in, half out of the tray. Freeze completely.
  • Blue tortilla chips make nice bat wings, and salsa can be any gross bloody thing you want.
  • Continuing the blood theme: Vanilla yogurt or pudding looks lovely with veins of thawed frozen raspberries stirred in. (The fruit chunks themselves are blood clots.)
  • Let the kids dunk for apples at the table, in individual bowls. They can't make a real mess — it's just water, after all.
  • Create a pleasantly creepy atmosphere by using jack-o'-lanterns for candlelight. Of course this means carving your pumpkins a day early — but that's one less thing you'll have to do on Halloween night.
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