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Ball Invitation

It was a day like any other at Lady Tremaine's chateau before the king's messenger delivered a very special envelope. Tucked inside was an invitation to the ball addressed to all of the maidens in the household, even Cinderella. In honor of the good news, why not invite your young maiden to lunch? On the menu: tasty tortilla envelopes filled with ham and cheese.



1. Print and cut out the template. Use it as a pattern to cut an envelope shape out of the tortilla or flat bread. Place the tortilla envelope on a flat surface so that the pointed ends are at the top and the bottom.

2. Layer lettuce, ham, and cheese on the center portion of the envelope, and then spread cream cheese on the lower and side flaps.

3. Fold the side flaps toward the center, pressing them down onto the sandwich fillings. Next, fold up the bottom flap and press it in place. Finally, fold down the top flap, using a dab of cream cheese to "glue" down the tip of the flap.

4. To seal the invitation, slice two rounds from the baby carrot and use dabs of cream cheese to stick them to the face of the envelope, as shown.

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