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Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Menu

fruit gobbler

Make a meal that will elicit cheers from the kids' table! This combination of playful treats and plain, simple recipes is designed to please all the guests at your feast -- big and small. Get the kids involved in the cooking for even more holiday fun.

Eye-Catching Starters

Kids (and adults!) are sure to gobble up these appetizers in turkey form. Fruit kabobs take shape as an actual turkey, plus bite-sized sandwiches will tide the kids over until the feast is on the table.
  • Fruit Gobbler
  • Teeny Turkey Sandwiches

  • Fun with Bread
    Let the kids help you knead the dough for these fluffy biscuits. Don't forget to make extra so picky eaters can at least fill up on bread.
  • Whipped Cream Biscuits
  • Main Dish for Everyone

    Turkey & Gravy
    Sweeten the turkey with maple syrup and apple cider for a bird the kids will love. Make sure to buy a big bird so you'll have lots of white meat (usually the first choice of smaller guests).
  • Maple Roast Turkey & Gravy

  • Cranberry Sauce
    Serve this sweet sauce on the side in a special "dipping" cup to encourage more turkey eating from your younger guests.
  • Cider-Cranberry Sauce
  • Pleasing Side Dishes

    Keep it simple -- adding a bunch of extra ingredients to the stuffing will only make picky eaters wary.
  • Basic Bread Stuffing

  • Mashed Potatoes
    They're really just mashed potatoes, but if you call them "potato clouds," we're sure the kids will ask for second helpings!
  • Mashed Potato Clouds

  • Sweet Potatoes
    Mini marshmallows, orange juice, sugar -- there's no chance the kids will turn down this traditional side dish.
  • Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

  • Vegetables
    When you're cooking veggies for kids, you can't go wrong with carrots. This recipe ups the ante with butter and brown sugar. Skip the dill if you're worried about the "no green" factor.
  • Maple Dill Carrots
  • The Best for Last

    Get the kids involved in thecooking by letting them personalize the pumpkin pie with their own handprint. Serve the pie to the adults, and make each kid his own mini pumpkin pie (flavored with vanilla instant pudding) with an Oreo cookie turkey on top.
  • Handprint Pumpkin Pie
  • No-Bake Pumpkin Tartlets
  • Oreo Cookie Turkeys
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