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10 Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Do you flip for chocolate chips? Put a new spin on an old favorite with one of these irresistible chocolate chip cookie recipes. You'll be glad you did.

chocolate chip cookies

(Yes, Really)

Don't go against the grain! This chocolate chip cookie recipe using whole-wheat flour will surprise you with its tasty goodness.
chocolate chip cookies

Chewy Oatmeal

Rediscover chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies -- three different ways.
chocolate chip cookies

Salty 'n' Sweet

Toss in a dash of your favorite salty snack. They'll never guess what makes these so darn good!
chocolate chip cookies

A Hint of Peppermint

Love peppermint patties? Introducing: The peppermint chocolate chip cookie.
chocolate chip cookies

Just Dough

Short on time? These puppies don't even need to be baked.
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