Throw a Make-Your-Own-Pizza Party

make your own pizza

Whether you're planning a night at home with your children or hosting a party with a living room full of hyper youngsters, you have to find a way to entertain the kids and get them to eat dinner. Take care of both tasks at once by setting up a make-your-own-pizza workstation. It'll be a night of great memories.

Step 1: The Dough

You can easily find store-bought pizza dough that's precooked, though it may only come in large sizes. In that case, each person can put their toppings on a portion of the pie.

For a truly unique dinner experience (and one that will be far more memorable for your kids and any friends they have over), make the dough from scratch, and then cut and roll it into personal-size portions for everyone (about 10 inches in diameter each). Kids love the texture of the dough as they knead it with their hands.

Dough Recipes

Step 2: The Sauce

The easy way to do this is to use your favorite jarred marinara sauce. If you want to be a little more unique, you can try a pesto, or pink sauce (marinara with some cream mixed in).

If you have a little more time, you can even make your own sauce.

Sauce Recipes
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