About Disney Magic of Healthy Living & the Mickey Check

Disney partners with parents in their quest to raise healthy, happy kids and we recognize our unique ability to help parents and kids agree on positive lifestyle choices. We can make healthy living fun and joyful for parents and kids by drawing on Disney's boundless creativity.

About Disney Magic of Healthy Living

In September 2010, Disney launched Disney Magic of Healthy Living, an initiative that aims to create healthier generations by making healthy lifestyles, simple and fun. The program reinforces parents' efforts around nutritious eating, physical activity, and other simple ways kids and families can be their best. In 2011, Disney Magic of Healthy Living donated more than $1 million to help KaBOOM!, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving play, build playgrounds and gardens in 14 communities across the U.S. Disney's Magic of Healthy Living builds on the landmark Nutritional Guidelines that Disney announced in 2006.

In 2006, Disney announced Nutritional Guidelines to help parents and children choose healthier eating options. These Guidelines are derived from U.S. government-recommended Dietary Guidelines with the input of top child health experts. In addition to encouraging the consumption of low-fat, nutritionally-dense foods, the Guidelines aim to control calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar, and sodium; eliminate added trans fat, partially hydrogenated oils, and caffeine; and encourage appropriate portions for children. Today, the Guidelines are being implemented globally and apply to all food-related business activities, including food service, licensing and third party tie-in promotions and sponsorships. For example, virtually all of our food or beverage related promotions and sponsorships meet these Guidelines. The few exceptions are generally a result of pre-existing contractual obligations.

Also in 2006, we set a long-term goal of balancing our licensed food portfolio so that the vast majority (85%) would be everyday foods that meet our Guidelines. The smaller portion of our offering (15%), would allow for special-occasion items such as Disney birthday cakes and holiday confectionary products. In 2010, we met our portfolio balance goal domestically. And, with our focus on prioritizing and promoting fruits and vegetables, more than 1.7 billion servings of Disney licensed fruits and vegetables have been sold in North America alone since 2006. Disney continues to license its brands and characters on a range of food products available in retail stores. We aim to offer a food portfolio that helps parents and kids agree on nutritious options

Disney Parks & Resorts are also affirming their commitment to kids' health by offering healthier meals and expanding the healthy options available to all Guests. Pre-bundled kids' meals now default to healthier sides and drinks, such as low-fat milk and applesauce rather than soft drinks and French fries, for example. Since they were introduced these healthier kids' meals offered in the parks have been the standard. According to estimates, parents opt for the healthier default options more than 50% of the time. Healthy snack carts throughout the park also offer fresh fruit, cut vegetables and other nutritious snacks. Our goal is to put healthy food options within reach no matter where families are in our parks and resorts.

About the Mickey Check

Disney's "Mickey Check" is a tool that makes it easier for kids and parents to identify healthier food and menu items in stores, online, and while on vacation at Disney Parks and Resorts. Food and beverage items that feature the "Mickey Check" meet Disney's specific nutrition criteria for limited calories, saturated fat, sodium, and sugar. The nutrition guidelines pair the fun of Disney brands and characters with a nutritious portfolio of foods and make 'Good for you – fun too!' For more information, please visit www.thewaltdisneycompany.com/mohl.

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