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Episode 20: Mud Pie Field

Show off your green thumb and creativity by growing a Mud Pie Field.

Episode 19: The Tinkering Workshop

Buttons, popsicle sticks, old game pieces -- all of them have creative potential in "The Tinkering Challenge."

Episode 18: Family Game Night

Make great family memories with a fun and easy game that will get everyone involved.

Episode 17: Lei Day

Celebrate the spirit of Hawaii with a colorful lei and grass skirt. It's all you need to start dancing the hula!

Episode 16: Bird Necklaces

Spring has sprung! Celebrate with a beautiful bird necklace that makes a perfect gift for someone special.

Episode 15: Pet S'paw

Celebrate National Pet Month by pampering your furry best friend.

Episode 14: Fresh Air Trekking

Send the kids outdoors to Mother Nature's workshop, where leaves, petals, sticks, and more become tools for creative expression.

Episode 13: The Great Valentine Paper Make-Over

Let your creativity flower with these innovative and heart-y Valentine's Day papercrafts.

Episode 12: Nightly News

Putting on a news show is a great way for kids to build up their public speaking skills -- and an opportunity to craft!

Episode 11: Make-and-Take Party Favors

Courtney shows how true party animals ring in the new year with cute and creative favors for kids and their cuddly pals.

Episode 10: Flying Angel Holiday Portraits

This gift will turn your angelic child into an actual angel and make the recipient's heart fly high!

Episode 9: How to Throw a Fun-draiser!

Calling all creative kids! Host a neighborhood art show for a good cause.

Episode 8: Boomerang Society!

Here's an inventive way to keep the arts booming in the classroom and beyond in your community.

Episode 7: Monsters Be Gone!

Keep the monsters under your bed (or in the closet, or the basement) at bay with a Monsters-Be-Gone Kit!

Episode 6: Transformation Costumes

Trick or treat! Here with some tricks to dress-up your little treat!

Episode 5: Slumber Party Camp-in Kit

Make everything you need to go camping in your own living room.

Episode 4: A New Twist on Recess

Chalk up a creativity win when you try this new take on hopscotch!

Episode 3: Power Play Symbols

Make a touchstone T-shirt to get yourself ready to meet any challenges life throws your way.

Episode 2: Wooden Car Racing

Grab a buddy or two and make wooden cars to enter in the big race!

Episode 1: Adventure in a SnapSack

Learn to pack a SnapSack that will keep your kids entertained while running summertime errands with you.
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