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Halloween Costume Ideas

Trick or Treat! And in this case ... both! Herewith, ideas for halloween costumes -- or anytime of the year dress-up opportunities! Whether your costume is a character, an object or even a concept, the whole family can chime in with ideas to develop the walk, the talk, the details and the props that go along with it. And you can brew up your own ideas in a family brainstorming session. Think big, outrageous, wacky ... and then noodle together on how to make these ideas a reality. It's fun and a good brain work-out!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

'Monster Under the Bed' Costume


    Popsicle sticks
    Black or brown make-up pencil


  1. Build a bed using the popsicle sticks as a bed frame and the felt as covers. Make it big enough and strong enough to wear as a hat on your head. Or if you'd like, you can attach it to a head band.
  2. For a monster-y effect, you may add horns cut out of cardboard and painted. Attach horns to either side of the bed.
  3. Add a ferocious expression by drawing lines around the eyes, nose and mouth.
  4. Have your child dress all in one color ... purple, black, brown. Attach furry patches to shoulders.
  5. Now ask for a growl!

'Van Gogh's "Sunflowers"' Costume


    Foam sheets in yellow and green
    Gold glitter
    Elastic string
    Brown paint


  1. Cut a frame from the side of a medium-sized moving box -- frame measuring 15" x 20". Decorate with paint and glitter to have that same fancy finish as frames in the museum.
  2. Cut a sunflower mask out of yellow foam sheet. You can measure for the eyeholes by tracing the outline of a pair of sunglasses. Attach an elastic string so your child can wear it comfortably. Cut out more sunflower shapes and stems and leaves from foam sheets. Add flourishes with markers. Ta-da! A walking, talking masterpiece!

'Tic Tac Toe' Costume


    Two large pieces of cardboard (large enough to cover your child from shoulder to just above the knee)
    1" thick foam material -- foam rubber or even kitchen sponges will do
    Velcro dots
    Colorful tape, approx. 1 1/2" thick
    Paint, color of child's choice
    1" width ribbon


  1. Make a sandwich board out of two large pieces of cardboard. Attach the two pieces with ribbon to rest on your child's shoulders. You may also attach ribbon to the sides as extra reinforcement.
  2. Paint the game board a color of your child's choice. Make the tic tac toe lines with paint or with colorful tape.
  3. Cut X's and O's out of thick foam. Attach to the board with velcro dots. Using velcro allows the game to be played as the kids can take the pieces on and off easily.

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