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Throw a "Get to Know Me" Friendship Party!

Combat those back-to-school butterflies (or "anything new" butterflies -- new neighborhood, new class, new team) by helping your kids throw a "Get to Know Me" Friendship Party! Here are some more ideas to make this party fab-o!

Have your kids invite "long time" buddies and "just met" friends... after all this is a totally exclusive, all-inclusive party where new kids are VIPs!

Ahead of time, you and your child can come up with a clever menu of treats. If it's a back-to-school theme, you can name your snacks with clever tags, like: "LMNOP-za" (pizza), "Teacher Tots" (tater tots), "Pop-Quiz-Corn" (popcorn) or "Gymonade" (lemonade). Continue brainstorming other twists on treats!

As an added zip, you can set-up the main attraction -- the "Get to Know Me" game -- as an at-home game show! Arrange the "stage" with contestant chairs and audience seating, and take turns being game show host with some sort of microphone (wooden spoon, hair brush, etc.). Then for the nitty-gritty of the game: Start a round of "Get to Know Me!" where contestant #1 is introduced by the host, and then shouts "Get to Know Me!" -- and poses a question with two choices for an answer. The others must guess between the two and tell why they've chosen that answer. The real answer is then revealed and explained. Here's an example:

    Contestant 1: "Get to Know Me! Would I rather mix up a new paint color or whip up a new salad dressing?"

    Contestant 2: "I think you'd rather whip up a new salad dressing because you love to eat tomatoes!"

    Contestant 3: "I think you'd rather mix paint for those projects you're always making!"

    Contestant 1: "Actually, I would rather mix up a new paint color because I love to see the separate colors swirl together into a new one and then think up a name for that color!"

What a great way to see friends and family members in a new and interesting light! "Get to Know Me!" is a terrific game for parties, family car trips, and one-on-one fun.

Great Craft Idea for the Party:

Take a picture of the group and/or each guest, then make a custom-made frame!


    Poster board
    Oil pastels
    Collage materials like buttons, yarn, and doo-dads

Take a picture of the group. If possible, print out a copy of the picture for each guest. Declare the size (for example, 4"x6") that you'll be printing, as this informs the design of the frame. If you cannot print the photo during the party, no problem -- just deliver the pix at a later date.

Make a Frame

  1. Using half a sheet of poster board, have the kids draw an outline of their choosing -- a bulldog's head, a teapot, a toaster, anything!
  2. Next, determine where the photo will go -- for example, in the dog's mouth, or as a decoration on the side of the tea pot, or the toast popping out of the toaster. If your 4"x6" photo is horizontal, draw three sides of a rectangle measuring 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". This is where the photo will slip in. (Note: Whatever size your photo, just be sure to cut the opening slightly smaller.) An adult may cut along the lines to make the frame's opening.
  3. Color and decorate.
  4. Slip in the photo and secure with a piece of tape. Ta-da!
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