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It's time for "The Tinkering Challenge!" Rifle through the junk drawer, grab another player, set time on the clock and then GO! What will you come up with? A game, a gizmo, a gift?


Sift through the junk drawer, recycling bin, button box, backpack, side-table drawer, etc. Scavenge for similar objects found in and around the house. For example, you might find a handful of buttons, a few corks, chopsticks, popsicle sticks, game pieces, twist-ties, or paper clips.


1. Announce "The Tinkering Challenge" and invite anyone who wants to participate. Select five items for each person. It's fun if you can give each player similar items to each of the other players. For example, each player could be given a clothespin, a cork, a length of ribbon, an old postcard and a plastic spoon. The items don't have to be identical, just similar.

2. You may also wish to add a few other items that will help secure pieces together (tape, wire, glue). Next, set time on the clock for the Tinkers ... On your mark, get set, GO!

3. When the buzzer rings, each player is then invited to present their work with an explanation of their tinker thinking. Bravo!

Note: "The Tinkering Challenge" can also be played solo by challenging oneself to invent something fab-oo out of items plucked from the junk drawer!

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