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Family Game Night ... What is it? Only the most fab-o evening of friends and family laughing, playing, and gaming together! Perfection. Here with one of my all time favorites ... CELEBRITY!


  • Pens
  • Paper slips (10 for each player)
  • Basket or bowl
  • Minute timer or watch with second hand


1. Ask each player to write down one famous name on each of their slips of paper. "Famous" means someone that at least 2 other people in the room know or have heard of. It can be someone from history, the movies, a character (even an animal), a scientist, dancer, author, etc.

2. Fold the slips of paper in half and put them in the bowl. Give it a good mix.

3. Divide your group into two teams.

4. A player on Team One goes first. They select a piece of paper from the pile, look at it, gather their thoughts and then say, "I'm ready!" At that point, one minute on the clock begins. The player starts giving word clues to get their team to guess the name.

5. When a name is properly guessed, the player reaches for another slip of paper in the pile and play continues until time is up. (If time seems to go by too fast, add another 30 seconds or so to each turn.)

Example: Pinocchio
You could say, "The wooden boy whose nose grows when he lies." Or you could break the name into syllables: "A circular, green vegetable." (PEA) "What is the opposite of YES?" (NO). "How do you unlock a door?" (KEY). "What is the fourth vowel?" (O) "Put it all together!"

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