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Kate is crazy about her dog Lucy, so it's only natural that she'd book time for her cute canine at The Possibility Shop Pet S'paw!

After a good hike in the Hollywood Hills, where Lucy gets her exercise and Kate collects sticks, the two can head back home to make a cozy retreat.



  • Three 3' (or so) sticks
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Light fabric (or even a bed sheet)
  • Cushion
  • Decorations such as butterflies, ornaments, or anything handmade and light


1. Lash the sticks together with pipe cleaners.

2. Splay the legs like a tripod.

3. Drape the exterior with light fabric.

4. Decorate to suit your dog's taste -- try fancy, modern or chic. Lucy has decided to go with an eclectic style!



  • Paper measured to the size of your pet's home
  • Paint, oil pastels, markers, etc.
  • Tape


1. Find a piece of paper that fits the shape and size of your pet's home, then draw or paint a pretty-as-a-postcard image of a faraway place, like Paris, India, or Alaska.

2. Tape the vacation image to the side of your pet's cage, bowl, or toy box. Wish them Bon Voyage!



  • Dog collar
  • Fancy, shiny, and interesting doodads like earrings or beads
  • Wire
  • Ribbon or yarn


1. Run wire through the decorations and onto the plain dog collar every one inch.

2. Secure the end of the wire underneath so that it doesn't poke out.

3. Cover the collar completely by winding ribbon or yarn round and round.

4. Be sure to cover the wire areas completely for extra security for your pet.

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