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Mother Nature's cupboard is overflowing with art materials! So head outside -- your muse is beckoning!


  • A basket or grocery bag with handles


1. In your backyard, at the park, during a walk around the block or on a hike in nature, have your kids scavenge for pinecones, petals, leaves, sticks, pebbles, pine needles, rocks, and bark. Tell them to keep a sharp eye out for color, texture, pattern and size as these elements will make their masterpiece even more enticing to the next passerby. And it's not just kids collecting. You jump in, too, because it's fun and if your kids see you excited about the foray they will be doubly so!

2. After you've all gathered your "art materials," find a good spot to set up the fresh air gallery. It could be somewhere in your yard or even in a public area for even more people to enjoy.


  • Create a design inspired by color. It could be a pattern of light and dark repeating.
  • Make a self-portrait. What from nature could be used as eyes, hair, or a smile?
  • Can you make a flower out of the found items from nature? Try making it without using petals for the petals or leaves for the leaves. That's a fun challenge!

Ahhhh! Fresh air! See you out there!

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